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Spring Sports!

For the first time, we’ve signed up the boys for organized sports. They’ve had swimming lessons every year since they were infants, and this winter they participated in a bowling league, but this is the first team sports they’ve ever

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Spring Visit from Mima & Boppie!

A few weeks ago Shane’s parents came to stay with us for the Easter weekend and as always, we had a jam-packed, fun-filled few days! We took the kids to Bunnyland at Butler’s Orchard, which was lots of fun once

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Surprise Appearance

Recently, my family conspired to throw a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom. Her birthday isn’t actually until the beginning of March, so they figured an early party would be the best way to ensure she’d be surprised. The

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Christmas 2014

Whoa, 2015 already?  This year flew by. Or rather, time has flown since Parker was born (pregnancies seem to drag on, especially toward the end). Our lives became even busier with the addition of several post-operative physical therapy sessions a

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Five Little Words

Most days, Caleb’s cerebral palsy doesn’t really have an affect on me. Sure, we’ve had to modify the way we do a lot of things, but they’ve become second nature to us and I don’t really think much about it.

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Parker – 4 Months Old!

I should have come to expect that time would pass quickly, as it had with the twins, but here we are again. Another month, another few pounds, new likes/dislikes and emerging personality traits. Parker continues to be a really happy

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Each year as Caleb and Wyatt get a little older, there’s more and more Halloween festivities for them to take part in. This year we attended several area events in the days leading up to Halloween (hence HalloWeek) so the

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