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What to Feed These KIDS???

So it appears we’re in a bit of a food rut over at Casa Danielson. Our boys used to be fantastic eaters back when I made all their pureed baby food and it was so much easier to know exactly

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iPhone Photo Dump

Every once in while I  catch myself going through the hundreds of pictures that I have on my phone and realize that I never “did” anything with them. Currently, I’m almost maxed out on storage space so I was going

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MoCo Fair!

Last weekend, we rounded up the kids and joined some friends of ours and headed to the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. Last year, we had such an amazing time and we were really looking forward to taking the kids back

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Big Boy Beds!

The day has come… our boys have grown out of their cribs and transitioned over to twin beds! Our cribs are actually the type the convert to toddler beds (basically one side is removed) but the conversion kits cost $100

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Not One, but TWO Great Appointments

Last week, Caleb had two different appointments with specialists at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. I was supposed to take him on Monday, but I was called-out in the middle of the night for work and still working hard well into

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A Visit from Mima & Boppie

The best part about the boys getting older is that they’re remembering family members and friends that they spend time with and when we told the boys that their Mima and Boppie were coming to visit, they were super excited.

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New Kicks for Mr. C

Last week, Caleb finally got his new pair of Cascade DAFOs. DAFO stands for Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthotic (although we simply refer to them as AFOs, orthotics or braces) and Caleb wears them to prevent his feet from pronating (ankles

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