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Against the Odds

Tomorrow, Shane and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary! It’s been the happiest two years of my life…. JUST KIDDING! I can say that because that’s his go-to joke! In all seriousness, our anniversary has caused me to reflect on

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Fire House Tour!

When I was planning the boys’ 2nd birthday party, I made contact with our local fire station to see if they would be able to bring the firetruck to our house. I had everything lined up, but predictably, an emergency

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I know I always say this, but I really love the age that the boys are at right now. They make us laugh so much! Sure, I could deal without the whining, impatience and tantrums that come with being a

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Cousin Playdate

A couple weeks ago, after the boys’ 2nd birthday party, we met up with my cousin and his family for a fun afternoon. Ross, his wife, Linda, and their three kids live in Sweden and come to visit every summer.

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Myrtle Beach 2013

We’re ¬†baaaack! What a fantastic trip to the beach for our little family. The first thing Shane and I realized was how much we appreciated our parents for taking us on vacations when we were little. It is SO MUCH

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Second Birthday!

I can’t believe it, but my boys are two. It must get really tiring to hear how fast kids grow up but it’s so true! I can’t believe it’s been a year since their first birthday already! And now that

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