Playing Catch-up

Holy hiatus, Batman! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been meaning to write but life has once again gotten in the way. I was taken out of my normal routine last week by assisting with teaching forensics to a group of recruits at the police academy. The students were all very interested in what we do and really seemed to enjoy the presentations from our actual cases. At the end of the week, right before dismissal, my parting words to the group were to ask them to carefully consider their choice of words and to remove the R-word (retard, retarded, etc.) from their vernacular. These future officers will be role models in the community and I really hope my message stays with them when they eventually encounter others who use the term.

The 10-hour days at the academy were long and I went straight into mommy mode for the rest of the night so when it finally came time to veg out, that’s exactly what I did. Long days don’t come without perks, however. I had Friday off and initially planned on cleaning and running errands, but I decided to take Wyatt out of daycare and have a special day, just he and I.

photo 4

I took him to a local park where we played and played and played for hours! He would dart from one activity to the next, not sure of what to do first… swings or slide, swings or slide? He kept looking back at me, as if to say, “I can go wherever I want? I don’t have to stay by your side?” He wasn’t used to having so much freedom!

photo 1


photo 3

I felt myself getting emotional watching him play. He’s grown into this wonderful little boy who is really well behaved and sweet. He may have selective hearing at times, but for the most part, he listens and obeys when we tell him to do something. He’s able to play independently without much need for us to intervene. At home he’s so chatty and outgoing, but when he’s in public, he gets a little bashful and shy around the other kids. At the park, a younger boy came toddling up to him. The boy starting playing with Wyatt’s hat and Wyatt just stood there, letting him and unsure of what to do. It was really sweet to see him allowing that little boy to play with his hat. I love and cherish my time with both of my boys, but I really treasured this special morning with my Wy-guy.

photo 5

He had my undivided attention and we had a blast. We even went out to lunch for chicken nuggets and fries, which still weren’t much of a competition for the indoor play place so it was hard to get him to eat.


photo 2


photo 3


I dropped a drowsy Wyatt off at daycare just in time for his nap and spent the rest of my afternoon tackling an overgrown flowerbed, laundry and cleaning.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. Shane and I were both able to do some work outside the house and exercise. Sunday was spent watching Shane play in his new softball league and then a trip to Home Depot. When we got back, Wyatt started to feel warm and his mood plummeted. He was cranky and tired with no appetite and a fever of 102.8. He went to bed easily but was up a few times last night. He seemed much better this morning, but daycare policy is fever free for 24 hours so we had another day at home together! Can you believe that the poor little guy slept from 1:00-2:45 and then he fell asleep again on my lap in the rocking chair from 2:45-4:20! Wow! It’s so rare that I get a chance to rock my little guys to sleep anymore, so I closed my eyes and nuzzled his impossibly shiny blonde hair and made a mental memory to file away for some day in the future when he’s driving me crazy.

photo 4

Surrounded by the four, yes, FOUR stuffed animals that he clutches as he falls asleep!

Now, it’s back to work and three therapy sessions this week as well as a long-awaited evaluation appointment at the Botox clinic. We’ve made the decision to use Botox as a means of treating Caleb’s high muscle tone. This will allow him to continue learning how to walk without having to work against his muscle tightness. We’re hoping to see a big improvement in the coming months.  I plan on writing a separate post with more specifics in the future. Have a great week!


I'm a working mom of three fantastic boys: Caleb, Wyatt and Parker. My husband, Shane, and I live in the Washington DC suburbs where we enjoy playgrounds, pools and never getting to sleep in. This blog is a journal of our day-to-day lives as well as a chronicle of Caleb's progress after a recent spinal surgery to alleviate the effects of his cerebral palsy.

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