Long Weekend, Short Week

Long weekends always seem to screw me up. It seems like the week just started but today is already Thursday! Not that I’m complaining or anything but I guess it’s a way to explain my delayed weekend re-cap. A few years ago, a couple of Shane’s buddies stayed at our house over the long Martin Luther King holiday and watched playoff football all day long. They made up crazy rules and drafted players and turned the weekend into one long drinking game. This has become somewhat of a tradition that my husband looks forward to and I genuinely enjoy having his friends over. It gives me an opportunity to make some yummy food and forces me to clean my house in preparation! Since last year, one of Shane’s friends, Ian,  got married and had a beautiful little baby so they also joined us at our home! What an upgrade! (No offense, Ian!) I had an adorable baby girl to cuddle and Melissa provided some much appreciated (female) company. This year, in an effort to tone down the boozing (you know, now that there’s little ones involved), push-ups were doled out instead of drinks. Even the wives were eligible to be assigned push-ups and yes, I had to do a few. And the rule was I couldn’t do girl push-ups either. It wasn’t too bad and after all the meatballs and seven-layer dip, I definitely needed to burn a few calories. (Apologies for some crappy cell phone pics in this post. Still waiting for our laptop to be repaired!)

Sydney didn't know how to feel about the Danielson Boys holding her hands

Sydney didn’t know how to feel about the Danielson Boys holding her hands

photo 2

Shane and Sydney are ready to cheer on the Blue Devils

photo 1

Ed’s getting his nose honked by Caleb while Wyatt plans an escape route.


After our company left on Monday, Shane and I decided to take the boys out to lunch. We ended up being sat next to another family with a little boy who was about the same age as Caleb and Wyatt. Wyatt always says “uh-oh” whenever something spills on the floor, whether he does it intentionally or not, but we’ve been really working on getting him to keep food on his tray. Well during lunch, I kept hearing him say “uh-oh, uh-oh” but he wasn’t really dropping anything on the floor. I realized he was totally outing the boy at the next table over. He was pointing at the floor under his high chair that was completely covered with Goldfish crackers. The boy’s mom looked at Wyatt and then under her son’s chair and realized what Wyatt was saying “uh-oh” about. Oops! Sorry, lady!

Chicken nuggets and Mac 'n Cheese = Lunch of Champions

Chicken fingers and Mac ‘n Cheese = Lunch of Champions


After lunch, we went into the running store to get fitted for new sneakers. It’s been a long time (years, actually) since we’ve gotten new running shoes so now that Shane and I are finally finding the time/motivation to do a little running we figured we should spend a fortune get acclimated to new shoes. These shoes will serve as our Valentine’s Day gifts to one another this year. Romantic right? While being fitted, the saleslady deemed us both in need of orthotic inserts that weren’t what I would call a bargain. When you pay for brand new running shoes, shouldn’t they be good to go? I wasn’t sure if they tried to sell everyone these expensive inserts or not. I also got scolded for wearing cotton ankle socks and was informed that everything you wear while running should be a moisture wicking material. If I were tackling some really long runs, I might invest in new gear, but I’m just starting out and running outdoors should be an inexpensive way to exercise, right?

The rest of this week is flying by. Caleb went with Shane to Baltimore yesterday for two appointments. His first was with Caleb’s orthopedist. He saw lots of improvement in Caleb’s tone, especially his calves, so that’s very encouraging. Caleb was measured for a hip wedge pillow a few months ago and we haven’t had any success to get him to actually wear it at night. It’s big, bulky and Caleb has always rejected it. Our second doctor suggested Valium to combat the muscle tightness caused by Caleb’s brain injury. I was conferenced in to this conversation since I was at work and the doctor felt like rather than starting Caleb on Baclofen (a muscle relaxant to help treat spasticity) we would try Valium at night to help Caleb be more open to wearing his hip wedge pillow. The pillow is meant to treat hip displegia, which plays a role in Caleb’s inability to walk without his legs scissoring. Basically we were on board with this plan but wanted to try getting Caleb used to sleeping with a regular pillow between his knees first, for a few nights. After bath time last night, however, Caleb was so mellow and his legs were nice and loose. We tried to put his big hip wedge pillow on and we were successful! Shane and I were ready to have to go in there and take it off after a few minutes, but wouldn’t you know it, he fell asleep. A few hours later, we realized we hadn’t heard a peep out of him and were patting each other on the back for getting him to wear his pillow. As we turned in for the night, Shane peeked into Caleb’s bedroom only to find that the little guy had wiggled his way out of the straps and was sleeping pillow-free. And to think, Shane and I were so proud of ourselves for getting him to wear it, ha! That little bugger!

Wouldn't you just love to sleep with this thing on?

Wouldn’t you just love to sleep with this thing on?

Not much else to report around these parts… Shane leaves tomorrow for another trip to Bangladesh so I’ll be flying solo with the kiddos for a week. Wish me luck!

photo 4

Skinny minny Wy-guy is looking like such a big boy these days.

photo 5

Caleb is as happy as ever!

photo 1

Wyatt wearing Mommy’s hat and loving it!


I'm a working mom of three fantastic boys: Caleb, Wyatt and Parker. My husband, Shane, and I live in the Washington DC suburbs where we enjoy playgrounds, pools and never getting to sleep in. This blog is a journal of our day-to-day lives as well as a chronicle of Caleb's progress after a recent spinal surgery to alleviate the effects of his cerebral palsy.

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3 comments on “Long Weekend, Short Week
  1. Darlene says:

    I just started following your blog with your letter to Caleb, an I thoroughly enjoy it! Your Caleb and Wyatt remind me so much of my Michael and Marcus. It is so nice to read your stories, it keeps my chin up! Thank you!

    • Thanks so much for reading Darlene! Yes, those boys keep us on our toes, huh?

    • Louise Beaulieu says:

      I just love your comment on how he got out of his leg pillows!!! Elizabeth had a ‘statue of liberty” splint from her shoulder to her waist and she would manage to get out of it!!! Remember…our little kids are smarter than we are!!!! Those little kids will have you running around the neighborhood for them real soon!!! Peace and enjoy your kids….

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