2013: Focus

Between Thanksgiving and New Years our family was crazy busy. Our normal, day to day life took a backseat to work trips for both Shane and I, prepping for our vacation, not to mention Christmas decorating, shopping, wrapping and shipping. It’s a festive time of year, don’t get me wrong, but it was madness. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in Colorado and did a lot of thinking of what changes I’d like to make in the New Year. I’m usually over-ambitious when it comes to resolutions so this year I decided not to make a resolution per se. I read this post by one of my favorite bloggers, who urged readers to choose “just one word that defines what you want to be and do and accomplish in this new year.” I decided my one word for 2013 would be FOCUS. To focus on my family, myself, my career, my relationships… you know, the things that truly matter.

I’m hoping to focus on Caleb’s therapy by working harder and introducing occupational therapy twice a month. We also recently had a speech evaluation for Caleb since he seems to let Wyatt do most of his talking. The therapist gave us great tips on how to encourage Caleb to talk more so we’ve already started to implement some of those changes. I’m in the process of finding a place for Caleb to receive aquatic therapy. I have yet to find a facility that specializes in pediatric aquatic therapy that is within half an hour of where we live, but I’m still looking. Next week, Caleb also starts his private physical therapy up in Baltimore at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. My work schedule rotates between a day and evening shift so I’m able to shuttle Caleb around before going to work in the afternoon. I consider myself pretty lucky that I have that opportunity, otherwise I would always have to take leave from work. I realize this therapy schedule is ambitious but if we can swing it, I feel like the benefits will we well worth it!

I’m also trying to focus on myself and my health. January is great for re-setting the diet because the month of December was filled with treats, sweets, chocolate, cookies and candy. Not to mention dips, chips, cheese, beer and wine, wine, wine. So I’ve been more mindful of what I buy at the store because I can’t be tempted by things that aren’t there. I usually don’t have a problem eating well during the week, but I swear the weekends are out to get me. Especially when you’re sitting around watching football. “Hey let’s eat a salad and chug some lemon water for the big game!”….. said no one… ever. I  also have hopes to continue the running I had started over the summer (and abandoned in the fall) as long as my lower back pain stays away. Running is one of those things that I love but it takes a lot of motivation for me to actually lace up my sneakers and go.  I have a race in mind that I’d like to run in April so that’s serving as my goal right now.

I’ve also been excited to re-focus on spending less and trying to grow our savings account but the new year has brought unexpected computer repairs so there’s a few hundred dollars out the window. Ouch. Cooking at home more, bringing my lunch and making coffee at work are all little ways I intend to save a few dollars here and there. Now that the holidays are passed, the boys have tons of new clothes, books and toys so we’re all set on that front for a while.

So the word of the year is focus. When I catch myself being lazy or spending too much time on social media I’ll ask myself what item on my (always growing) to-do list I could be handling. I love crossing things off a to-do list. (Raise your hand if you write items you’ve already accomplished, just so you can cross them off!) Being productive puts me in a good mood and makes me feel accomplished. There’s no better feeling than having a good day at work, having lots of fun with your kids (with no melt-downs), putting a hot meal on the table and even tackling a couple loads of laundry while you relax and watch TV with your husband at the end of the day. It’s crazy the things that make you happy when you’re a grown-up! I look forward to tackling various tasks on our now wide-open weekends, spending lots of time with my family and just generally enjoying this (relatively) quieter time of year.


I'm a working mom of three fantastic boys: Caleb, Wyatt and Parker. My husband, Shane, and I live in the Washington DC suburbs where we enjoy playgrounds, pools and never getting to sleep in. This blog is a journal of our day-to-day lives as well as a chronicle of Caleb's progress after a recent spinal surgery to alleviate the effects of his cerebral palsy.

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One comment on “2013: Focus
  1. Megan says:

    I saw your thoughts on caleb’s speech. If it makes you feel better, my brother didn’t talk until he was over 3. AT ALL. Not even one word. Why? Because (as it turned out) he had 2 sisters, a mom and a grandma that interpreted his needs and did all his talking for him. His first word was “there’s mcdonalds” on the way home from the VERY pricey specialist appointment that my mom dragged him to ($500 in the 80’s for a one hour appt) and he’s spoken in complete sentences ever since. Happy New Year!

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