Christmas in Colorado

Phew! First post of the New Year! It feels good to be back in our old routine, yet I forgot that the old routine doesn’t usually allow too much time for blogging but I’ll do my best! Here’s a post that I started to draft while we were in Colorado, spending the holidays with our family.

A few days ago, we packed up the boys and flew here to Colorado to spend the holidays with our family. This is the 5th trip we’ve made with the boys requiring air travel and I think we’re getting the hang of things. Finally. We wait until the last possible second to wake them up. We’ll quickly change them and give them a little milk before they’re loaded into the pre-packed and pre-warmed car. Sometimes they fall back asleep on the way to the airport but I song think they did this time. We’ll get them some breakfast once we’ve made it through security and to our gate. This process is usually fast but our experience on Friday was much slower. We quickly fed the boys some oatmeal and gave them some milk but lo and behold our flight was a little delayed. We weren’t worried since it was a direct flight and there weren’t any connections to be made. The boys made some friends and shared their toys with some big kids. Pretty cute. We boarded the plane and sat in the two last rows. Since you can’t have more than one lap child per row, we always have to split up. We used to sit across the aisle from one another, but Wyatt loves to kick the seat on front of him, so that’s where Caleb and Shane get to sit! Wyatt and I took a decent nap and I managed to entertain him with books, toys and my Kindle. Caleb’s nap was much shorter and he was getting a little stir crazy but Shane handled him well. I love direct flights. There’s no better feeling than knowing that once you land, you’re there!

We made stops to see the great grandparents and their Aunt Jessie before the boys got to scope out all the cattle on their Boppie’s farm. They were certainly intrigued by the dozens and dozens of stinky cattle.

We’ve been really enjoying our time at Shane’s parent’s house. The boys are definitely bonding with their Mima and Boppie. It’s so sweet. They’ve been really well behaved as well. We’re still working on seamless bed time routines but sleeping in an unfamiliar place is hard on a kid. Once they’re finally asleep, they sleep the whole night so we can’t complain. Oh wait, Shane’s parents have them sleep in their room so we definitely aren’t complaining! As a matter of fact, Shane and I even snuck away for a date night. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant in Fort Collins followed by a short walk in the Old Town district. The Christmas lights were positively magically. Too bad it was quite chilly but we ended our walk with chocolate and caramel covered rice crispie treats and homemade hot cocoa. What a great night. We were exhausted when we walked through the door at 8:30 and Shane’s parents couldn’t believe we were home already. It’s hard to enjoy a slow, leisurely dinner when you’re so used to rushing to finish eating all the time!

We spent Christmas eve at Shane’s grandparent’s place. This was my third Christmas Eve celebration at his grandparents and I’m learning quickly that the day is steeped in tradition. We arrive in the morning to a creamed chicken dish with lots of bloody marys and snack on shrimp cocktail all day. Or if you’re my nieces, leftover candy corn! A prime rib roasts in the oven all day and is enjoyed alongside twice baked potatoes and vegetables with cheese sauce. This has been the menu for decades and will most likely never change. Everyone looks forward to these familiar dishes throughout the year (or every two years, in our case) and enjoys spending the day with their loved ones. We opened our over-stuffed stockings and the kids played with their new treasures before heading back up to the farm.

Christmas was spent alternating between opening gifts, eating (a lot) and enjoying the company of Shane’s family, grandparents and great-aunt. Shane’s mom cooked an amazing meal and lots of wine was consumed. The boys are still too young to understand Santa but we taught Wyatt to say “tree” and he was very proud to point it out several times a day. Both he and Caleb fell in love with the family cat, Coner. They would “meow” and follow it around hoping to pet the kitty. It was too adorable. I was able to call my parents and brothers and their families to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. All in all, Christmas day was perfect.

The following day, Shane and I left the kids to go skiing for two days with his sister and her husband. We stayed at their house in Evergreen, Colorado and spent one day skiing at Winter Park. It was freezing cold up on the mountain, with temps in the teens but luckily I stayed warm for the most part. I was nervous about how rusty I would be seeing as it had been four years since I’d skied.  The first run was on a green trail (easy) and the second run was down a blue (intermediate). I was having so much fun and skiing was just like riding a bike, so the rest of the day was spent with Shane on the blue – black (intermediate/advanced) and blue trails. We had a ton of fun and I felt like we truly deserved those late afternoon margaritas during après-ski.  I was far too sore the following day to do another day on the slopes, so Shane and I explored Winter Park and enjoyed a “date day”. We walked around, had a nice lunch and enjoyed cocktails in the afternoon. I had a blast on our little getaway but I was definitely missing my two little guys. They had an awesome time with Mima, Boppie and their big cousins. We’re so thankful to Shane’s parents for taking care of them while we were away.

The rest of the vacation was spent hanging out, playing with new toys and getting all bundled up to play outside. The boys were a little ambivalent about the snow. Wyatt had no interest in playing in it and he was so unfamiliar with how mittens work that he was unable to hold the sides of the saucer while we pulled him around. Caleb was too bundled to properly sit in his sled, so he resorted to lying flat on his back while we pulled and he loved it! It was super cute! We returned to Maryland with not a speck of snow, so that’s probably all the use their snow gear will get for this year. Fingers crossed it all still fits next year! Ha, I make myself laugh sometimes.

All in all, we had a great trip, as always. I told Shane I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The boys grew really attached to their grandparents and have been asking about Mima and Boppie every day since we’ve returned. We gave ourselves New Years Day at home to unwind, do laundry and get back into the swing of things before returning to work and daycare, which we desperately needed.  There’s nothing worse than traveling and working the following morning. Santa also made a trip to our home on New Years Eve so there was another batch of presents under the tree for the boys. Work has been busy, the boys have been a little sick with colds and there’s a zillion of things to do around the house, like taking down the Christmas decorations. I’m optimistic it’ll be all done by the end of the weekend, but I’m not holding my breath. For now I’ll keep sifting through our holidays photos and wishing I was still on vacation in Colorado.






















I'm a working mom of three fantastic boys: Caleb, Wyatt and Parker. My husband, Shane, and I live in the Washington DC suburbs where we enjoy playgrounds, pools and never getting to sleep in. This blog is a journal of our day-to-day lives as well as a chronicle of Caleb's progress after a recent spinal surgery to alleviate the effects of his cerebral palsy.

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    Happy New Year!

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