SuperMom Wanna-Be

I’m still trucking along here in the Danielson casa. I can see the light of the end of the tunnel and Shane will be home in a few days! Disregard the fact that I leave on Sunday for a week for a workshop in Ocean City, Maryland. Talk about bad timing! We’ll be like two ships passing in the night. Shane’s looking forward to getting some quality time with his boys, though. He misses them like crazy.

Admittedly, things are going really well here! I think the boys are taking it easy on me! I feel like I’m back in the groove after a busy last week and weekend. The only gripe I have is that we have zero free time in the morning. After I wake up and get myself ready, I wake up the boys (around 6:00) and get them dressed. We brush teeth and hair and make our way to the kitchen for breakfast. After lots of coaxing and sometimes three different entrees, their bellies are full. I pack our lunches and go out to start the car. I wrangle Wyatt into his shoes, hat and jacket then repeat for Caleb. I then need to  chase after Wyatt and put his right shoe and hat back on before we can finally leave. I’ll fight stop and go traffic and sit in the daycare parking lot, waiting for the light to turn on when the clock hits 7:30. The boys are dropped off and I can take a deep breath, feeling like I’ve already run a marathon and now my workday starts. Our time in the evening is exactly the same, but in reverse and add baths & storytime for both kids. Shane recorded a video of himself reading their favorite book to them, so we’re sure to watch it each night. There hasn’t been a ton of play time when the boys are home but today I was able to pick up the boys right after work. It was sunny, 70 degrees and the sun was still out so we went on a wagon walk. It felt so good to get some fresh air!

photo (7)

No jackets in December!

I’ve been continuing to work with Caleb and increasing the time he wears his AFOs (leg braces) during the day. I think he struggles with wearing them longer for an hour at a time because they make it very difficult for him to crawl and he enjoys being in the position to explore his surroundings. But when he’s standing or practing walking, he doesn’t mind them at all, which is great. He’s starting to learn how to crawl with them on, but he’s much faster and can cover more distance without them on.

Wyatt’s being a trooper as well. He’s always eager to help and talk non-stop! He’s very mischievous, though and gets into everything that he shouldn’t! Who needs one of those sneaky Elf on a Shelf, when I’ve got toddler twins. I think a realistic remote  control and cell phone should be on Wyatt’s list to Santa.

Speaking of Santa… I’ve bought a total of one gift so far. I swore I would do things early this year and all I have is one gift, a box full of cards that need to be addressed and a half decorated house! Ugh. There really just aren’t enough hours during the day. I did a ton of online research during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, just never pulled the trigger on anything. What a bummer. In this Pinterest/Facebook day and age, it’s so hard not to drive yourself crazy trying to bake and craft your way through the holidays. I refuse to stretch myself too thin, especially since taking care of the boys is squarely on my shoulders for a couple more days. I’m trying hard to adopt a new mantra:post it

My priority is just keeping the boys happy and entertained. I’m certain I’ll miss them tons next week while I’m gone, so better enjoy our time together now!

On a kind of unrelated side note, I just read that the US Senate rejected the UN Disability Treaty today. According to this article from Disability Scoop, “the treaty calls for greater community access and a better standard of living for people with disabilities worldwide.” I’m disheartened that our Senate couldn’t agree to ratify what 126 countries in the world have already done. Many disability organizations had come together to support this treaty. This treaty would’ve allowed to US to be a leader in disability rights issues and would’ve protected Americans with disabilities abroad. I just don’t understand the reasoning for its rejection, what’s the rationale? Anyone?


I'm a working mom of three fantastic boys: Caleb, Wyatt and Parker. My husband, Shane, and I live in the Washington DC suburbs where we enjoy playgrounds, pools and never getting to sleep in. This blog is a journal of our day-to-day lives as well as a chronicle of Caleb's progress after a recent spinal surgery to alleviate the effects of his cerebral palsy.

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One comment on “SuperMom Wanna-Be
  1. mom says:

    Ali, you continue to amaze me. Your NOT a SuperMom wanna be, you are definitely a super mom. Those two boys are so blessed to have two parents who love them so much. Bonne job!

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