Rocky Mountain High

We returned yesterday after a long weekend visiting Shane’s family in Colorado. Whew! What a whirlwind trip! I was really stressing about traveling with the boys and it was probably most difficult flight thus far. I mean, on a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being the absolute worst, I’d say it was between a 7-8. We had to wake the boys up super early to be at the airport and by the time we were on the plane they were cranky and fussy. Caleb promptly fell asleep in Shane’s arms and Shane was able to get some shut-eye. Wyatt, on the other hand, was in an epic battle against a nap and was causing trouble left and right. As people began to board, he would reach out and grab everyone that passed by our aisle seat. Most people thought it was cute, but I’m sure not everyone was thrilled. He was so entertained by the seat in front of him and always wanted to grab the headrest or kick the back of it so not only was I attempting to prevent his arms from grabbing strangers, but also his legs from kicking the seat. Are you picturing me trying to wrangle this little guy? Luckily, everyone around us was really friendly and didn’t mind being harassed by Wyatt, so I had that going for me. The gentleman next to me was sleeping and somehow Wyatt got applesauce on his arm. I wasn’t sure whether to wipe it off him or not, so I just pretended not to notice it was there. Sorry, dude in seat 25E! Oh and our strollers survived the trip without major damage but one of the wheels is a little wobbly now. It’s a little more complicated having two small strollers rather than one double but everything worked out great in that respect.

We got picked up by Shane’s parents and our niece, Sadie, and made our way to Shane’s grandparents house to say a quick hello. I loved watching our boys with their great-grandparents. So sweet.

We made our way up to the farm (Shane’s parent’s house) for the night and even put the boys to sleep in their room so Shane and I could actually sleep in. We woke up at 6 (but 8 on the east coast!), unable to sleep any longer and rejoined the rest of the family. After breakfast we headed into Shane’s hometown, Ault, for their International Food Festival. We debated even going because the weather was in the 30s! Brrr! We bundled up the boys and lasted for a little while until they were just too fussy to continue.

Later that day, the boys got all dressed up and attended their very first wedding. Shane’s cousin, Allison, married a wonderful guy named Jason at a beautiful event center in Golden, Colorado. The ceremony was outside despite the chilly weather and light drizzle. Everyone got hooked up with sweet fleece blankets to snuggle up with and watch the I Do’s. The boys had to get yanked from the ceremony pretty early since the prayer is when they chose to start chatting very loudly. Yikes. They slept on and off in their strollers throughout the night and around 10:30 we called it a night and headed to the hotel. We all had such a great time and I even got to dance a slow song with Caleb while Wyatt slept in his stroller. I’ll never forget it.

my handsome dudes

This one’s getting framed for my desk

Caleb & the beautiful bride!

Wyatt checking his fantasy football scores.

so wiped out

Back at the hotel, the boys were less than enthused by their wacko schedule and Caleb cried for a while. Shane slept on the couch with him for most of the night and the boys woke up for good the next morning at 4:40. Yes, you read that right. 4:40am! I tried my hardest to get them to fall back asleep, but no luck, they wanted to play. We spent the morning trying to play quietly and waiting for breakfast to open at six. We were the first ones there and helped ourselves, only to find out later that breakfast in fact opened at 7. Oh well.

The boys rocked their regular diapers in the hotel pool for a while that morning and afterwards we headed back up to Mima and Boppie’s farm for the night.

A bit later in the afternoon, we made our way to a local pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and let the kids play in the hay bale maze. I loved watching Wyatt toddle around and it was probably the first time he’s ever played in the dirt.

On a tractor ride at the pumpkin patch.

I would love to say that the boys were well behaved this weekend but I think there were a lot of new things for them to process. We changed locations many times and there were tons of new faces to adjust to. They were really clingy to Shane and I, to the point that we couldn’t even put them down to play. It’s a really tough stage and hopefully by Christmastime, they’ll be more social. I just wish everyone got to see the sweet, awesome, lovable boys that we see everyday when they are well rested and on a schedule, instead of the fussy, cranky, downright angry boys that showed up in Colorado for some of the weekend. It’s just a phase that’ll pass, right?

Now our flight to Colorado was less than perfect, but our flight home was a whole other story. We accidentally got booked to sit in the same row, which is a no-no when flying with two infants because each row only has one extra air mask, so when Shane and I fly with the boys, we have to sit in different rows or at least across the aisle from one another. Due to a really long security line, we arrived at our gate as they were boarding the last passengers and we informed the ticket agents. They told us they would fix it on the plane and we needed to board immediately. When we got to our row, an agent came and asked the third person in our row if he would be willing to move one row back in exchange for an aisle seat, instead of his current window seat. He agreed and Shane and I got the whole row to ourselves! How luxurious! Not only that but because of Shane’s frequent flier status we were in a section of the plane with more leg room! Woohoo! The boys were much better behaved because they were able to play with their toys and have some more room to move about. I forked over $7.99 to gain access to DirecTV and subsequently Nick Jr. Pretty sweet except Wyatt only watched for 6 minutes. Not big TV watchers, those two.

playing nicely in the seat between Shane and I.

Another successful trip is in the books. A big thanks goes out to our family for loaning us a car and car seats and shuttling us around all weekend. We were very well taken care of and it was nice to have extra hands to wrangle the boys, when they would actually let anyone else take them! I have a good idea of what we can do better for our next trip to Colorado in a few short months when we’ll spend the holidays with Shane’s family. Already looking forward to it and saving money for a third seat on our next flight!

fussy boys? I don’t know what you’re talking about.


I'm a working mom of three fantastic boys: Caleb, Wyatt and Parker. My husband, Shane, and I live in the Washington DC suburbs where we enjoy playgrounds, pools and never getting to sleep in. This blog is a journal of our day-to-day lives as well as a chronicle of Caleb's progress after a recent spinal surgery to alleviate the effects of his cerebral palsy.

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5 comments on “Rocky Mountain High
  1. Sarah says:

    Glad you guys had a good trip!! The weather sure took a turn this weekend and was so chilly!!! Since you will be here longer at Christmas we hope to make it up to visit you guys and see the farm! How cute did your boys look for that wedding 🙂

  2. Bonnie says:

    I laughed out loud AT LEAST 4 times while reading this 🙂

  3. Louise Nadeau Beaulieu says:

    So refreshing…thanks for sharing your weekend escapades with us. I love the pictures. Your little boys are so handsome in their wedding attire. Family members must have been so happy to see your wonderful family. YOU might feel your boys are overactive on the plane etc, but the rest of us really love to see their antics. Their behavior is more bothersome to you than to the rest of the people. I love your stories….keep them coming….special little guys, special parents….

  4. Judy Bouchard says:

    I absolutely love this Ali. I can only imagine the struggles, but, I can actually see the joy in the boy’s faces and that comes from you and Shane and the way you have chosen to parent the twins. Keep on doing what you are doing.

  5. Allen Guerrette says:

    Allie, first congratulations on being a parent of twins. Your stories are wonderful and will be a timepiece souvenir for Caleb and Wyatt in future years! It is such a delight to read about the many stories you share. Keep up the great work.

    Allen & Mary Guerrette

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