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Oh my oh my, how it’s been too long since I’ve been able to sit down and write! Things have been quite crazy around here the past few days! We spent all weekend and the early part of this week

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Celebrating Milestones {A Writing Prompt}

I’m trying something new, so bear with me. I follow a blogger named Ellen Stumbo and each week she assigns a different topic for others to write about. It’s kind of nice to have a set theme to work off

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Toots in the West Wing

Gosh, I really love this time of year. There are so many great activities going on to celebrate the season. Lots of time this summer it was just too damn hot to do anything outdoors, so we’re really taking advantage

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Out Of The {Hand, Foot,} Mouth of Babes

Ugh. So the boys are on day 4 of being out of daycare. They’re still getting over their Hand, Foot, Mouth disease which they were nice enough to share with every single other kid at the daycare. I’m so proud.

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Fun Fall Festivals & Sicky Boys

I was originally supposed to be on call this weekend but ended up switching with a co-worker so our weekend was totally free! On Saturday we finally attended the annual pumpkin races in our town. What a fun event! Kids

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Odds & Ends

The boys had their 15-month check up at the doctor’s this week and all is great! I love our doctor and how straightforward and real she is. She’s also very laid back but respects the fact that if something is

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Rocky Mountain High

We returned yesterday after a long weekend visiting Shane’s family in Colorado. Whew! What a whirlwind trip! I was really stressing about traveling with the boys and it was probably most difficult flight thus far. I mean, on a scale

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