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The R-Word

I’ve gone back and forth many times wondering if I would ever sit down and actually write this post. It’s weighed heavy in my mind essentially since Caleb was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and we weren’t sure if he would

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First “Step”

Even though we’ve had our fill of driving these past few days, we loaded up the car once again and made the hour long drive to Baltimore for Caleb’s physical therapy evaluation at Kennedy Krieger. He’s already had an evaluation

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Monday Blahs

You know those weekends where you need another weekend come Monday because you’re so wiped out? Well, I’ve had one of those. It was a long weekend for me actually, since I took Friday off. Our good friends were married

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What’s the matter, Wyatt?

I’d like to think that Shane and I have a good grasp on this whole parenting thing. <— (something tells me I’ll laugh at that statement someday) The boys have a good routine, they’ve been sleeping through the night for

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Celebrate Gaithersburg!

The kids are in bed for the night after another fun weekend. On Saturday, we pretty much laid low. Shane and some neighbors split some wood that’s been in our yard since we had a tree taken down this spring.

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New “Virtual” Friend

I honestly think that writing this blog has been one of the best decisions of my life. My friends and family can stay in the loop and I’ve received so much support from near and far. I now have another

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Welcome to Holland

When I first became introduced to this special needs community, this letter, titled Welcome to Holland, crossed my path a number of times.  I was able to relate to most of this letter, but some of it doesn’t totally apply.

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