What a Weekend!

It was another picture perfect weekend around these parts. We didn’t do a whole lot on Saturday but we did wrangle up the boys to head to the pool. That is no small feat. We bring so much stuff just for an hour and a half it’s quite ridiculous. But we had a blast, as always. Those boys LOVE the water. I would love to say I took pictures but Shane and I were always holding one of the boys so it was virtually impossible to do much else. I remember before kids, I’d head to the pool with nothing but some tanning oil (yes, tanning oil, I know right?), a towel, and a good book. I’d score a spot in full sun and even move my chair around so I was facing directly into the sun and I’d just lay there and roast. Now, my arms of full of kids and bags and pool toys and we scramble to find some seats in the shade, apply a thick coat of sunblock to every inch of the boys and myself and I don’t spend one minute sitting, let alone lounging. My, my how times have changed.

We decided that this would be the weekend we wean the boys off their beloved pacifiers. They’ve been using their bull binkies since they were only a few months old and the binkies are their most treasured item. The pediatrician told us it would be easier to take the binkies away now rather than later so we decided there wasn’t any time better than the present. We started on Friday night by poking a pin hole in the tip of the pacifiers. I’ve read that the lack of resistance when they suck is enough to cause them to lose interest. Well, not our boys. They knew something was different but still sucked away as they went to bed. The next night Shane took the next step and cut the tip off the top of the pacifier, essentially causing it to be broken. Notice how I said Shane did this. Well, I chose the best night ever to spend in DC with my girlfriends. That’s right, my first night away from my kids was the worst night of sleep they’ve had in a while. Coincidence? Actually, yes it was. It took them an hour to settle down and fall asleep and Shane said they were both up in the middle of the night requiring rocking and a bottle to go back to bed. Yikes. I’m happy to report that although Sunday got off to a rough start the boys eventually napped and went to bed Sunday night without their binkies and didn’t wake up once. I wanted to give it one more night before declaring victory and sure enough, they went down pretty easy tonight too! Success! It feels really good and was so much easier than I thought it was going to be.

Last year was our first summer living in Montgomery County and I really wanted to attend the county agricultural fair but the babies were so tiny and the temps were soaring well into the 90s each day of the fair. It was no place for newborns. This year, however, I was determined to go! I didn’t know what to expect but Shane was a seasoned 4-H competitor in his youth so he was a guide of sorts. Can I just say it was one of the most memorable days we’ve had with the boys! Their entire nursery is a farm theme and they have more farm related toys and books than they’ll ever need so it was so great to show them so many animals from their books up close and personal. We had a blast. We went with our good friends Beth and Tom and their little girl, Lily, who happens to be C&W’s BFF. The whole experience was family friendly and informative. All the animals were in full view, unlike when you go to the zoo and the crowds make it impossible to see anything. There were lots of crazy rides, but the boys were obviously too young and I’m not really a ride person. Oh and best of all, there were so many fair vendor selling the unhealthiest most delicious food ever. ‘Twas not a day for dieting, let me tell ya.

We never found the salad vendor, shucks…


And they say the U.S. has an obesity epidemic.


I don’t understand what’s so appealing about hay? Maybe there’s a deep fried Oreo in there?


The sheep getting a makeover before judging


The sheep wear these capes in order to stay clean, kind of like huge bibs. Wyatt can relate.


Shane teaching Caleb what a sheep says.


Laziest animals ever.


I mean seriously. Get a room!


A couple beefcakes at the beef club tent


Yeah, I mean this was a crazy looking rooster.


Shane had to drag me away from the baby chicks. Seriously, how cute!!!


We didn’t really know what to make of this guy and his costumed pet ducks.


Despite the horses, there wasn’t a Budweiser to be found


Baby’s First Funnel Cake! (oh boy we’re running out of milestones, aren’t we?)


The adults playing some carnival games and the kids are… um… well, I’m sure they’re somewhere.




I'm a working mom of three fantastic boys: Caleb, Wyatt and Parker. My husband, Shane, and I live in the Washington DC suburbs where we enjoy playgrounds, pools and never getting to sleep in. This blog is a journal of our day-to-day lives as well as a chronicle of Caleb's progress after a recent spinal surgery to alleviate the effects of his cerebral palsy.

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