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My Support System

It’s really funny how life tends to prepare you to handle certain situations you come across over the years. Whether it’s a scenario you’ve mishandled previously or a nugget of wisdom from someone you respect, we always find the need

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The Big Appointment

I honestly really tried not to have to many expectations about this appointment but it was scheduled in May and it’s been a long wait, so it was inevitable. I’ve fully wrapped my head around everything the doctor told us

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Lazy Sunday

I’ve got the Monday blahs but can’t help think about our fun weekend to get me out of a funk. We spent the whole day Saturday out and about and had planned to do the same on Sunday, but Sunday

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Huffin’ & Puffin’

As a whole, I think I’ve actually been enjoying “running.” I don’t think I’ll ever be able to not use quotes around that word. Maybe when running a measly 3 miles doesn’t feel so darn long and take fooooooreverrrrrrr. Anyways,

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iPhone Photo Purge

Call this a Wordless Wednesday (with a few words, because it’s impossible for me to be truly word-less) post if you’d like. I’ve finally gotten around to cleaning out the hundreds of photos I have saved on my iPhone. I successfully

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Big Boy Changes

Since my last post, Caleb and Wyatt had their one year check up with the pediatrician. Shane and I always try to guess how much weight they’ve gained since their last appointment. Let’s just say we were really off this

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Dear Inventors, Please develop the following products: Pre-cut toddler sized foods. I’d like to buy healthy, soft, fruits, veggies, cheeses and meats that are pre-diced into itty-bitty pieces so I can have those precious minutes of my day back. These

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