2 Became 4

After getting married, Shane and I were quite eager to start a family. We knew we’d need to eventually buy a bigger home since the inner-city, one-bedroom condo wasn’t going to be enough space for very long. Our goal was to stay in DC due to my job, but when I was offered another position by a neighboring jurisdiction we jumped at the opportunity to move to the suburbs.

Shane and I are both from small towns, he in Colorado and I in Maine so it made sense to migrate out of the city once a baby was on the horizon. Our money was able to go much further once we ventured outside of the beltway and purchased a spacious home with lots of room to grow. While my commute is at most 15 minutes, Shane takes a little over an hour to get to and from work. He didn’t mind the long commute in exchange for a large deck and view of the golf course. We miss the walkability of the city, great restaurants and pubs but we love living on a quiet cul-de-sac near great parks and pools.

We found out in December of 2010 that we were going to have a baby and we were so incredibly excited. We told our families the big news on Christmas Day. An ultrasound at 8 weeks showed us the flicker of a new life and we couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities. At 13 weeks I went to a center for Maternal Fetal Medicine for the first trimester screening for various disorders. I had to go to the appointment alone, since Shane was on a work trip in Brussels. I remember the technician pressing the wand on my stomach and the screen displayed these two tiny babies snuggled up side by side. I was so confused and convinced myself that the image must have been from a previous patient that was saved on the screen.


You must have the wrong uterus.

The sonographer looked down at the chart, up at the screen, down at the chart again.

“Um, you know you’re having twins right?”

Uh, no I didn’t.

My first reaction was to start crying just because I was so shocked and overwhelmed in that moment. I took a minute to compose myself and she continued to tell me that they were identical twins.

The pregnancy was now deemed “high risk” and I would be seeing this specialist every two weeks until I delivered. I was completely dumbfounded. I don’t even remember driving to work after the appointment. I stumbled to my office and silently held out the ultrasound pictures for my coworkers to see. I immediately started sobbing uncontrollably ( so professional, right?) while I relayed the story to them. Hours had passed until I was finally able to get in touch with Shane. He was just as shocked and kept telling me to “Shut up, no seriously, shut up!” Lucky for his fellow bar patrons, they all got free drinks that night. It was hard to not be able to experience this news with him by my side but it always makes for a good story I guess. After the initial shock wore off, we were excited… scared, but excited. I dove headfirst into researching twin pregnancies and was terrified about the risks but luckily the entire pregnancy went smoothly. Smoothly, that is, until 31 weeks when my doctor informed me that I was having contractions about 6 minutes apart. Oops. I was placed on immediate bed rest and spent the next two weeks on the couch. I thought I would hate bed rest and there were definitely times that I did, but I watched lots of trashy TV and movies and spent endless hours online. It was glorious! A little lonely and a lot uncomfortable but glorious, none the less.

One morning as I was lying in bed my water broke. Luckily, my husband was about 3 minutes away from walking out the door to go to work. I had been taking anti-contraction meds so I wasn’t contracting but we knew it was time to head to the hospital. As we’re approaching a red light, Shane asked if he could just run it.

“This is the only time in my life where I can speed to the hospital because my wife is in labor!”

“Shane, my water broke, but I’m not in active labor, I’m fine. You just work on not getting us killed on the way to the hospital.”

We got to the hospital around 7am and by 3pm we had doubled our family size! Caleb Shane and Wyatt Thomas were born and moved immediately to the NICU. The next few hours were blurry in recovery. We finally got to go meet the boys and I couldn’t believe how teeny tiny they were. I tried to grasp the concept that these were my boys, that I grew these two tiny humans.

So incredibly teeny tiny

They were born at 33 weeks gestation, but luckily the twins had no major issues. Caleb and Wyatt stayed in the NICU for 10 and 14 days, respectively. Once we were all together as a family it felt like our big house got a lot smaller, in a good way. The boys slept all day and cried all night. Luckily there was no fighting over who had to wake up at night to feed the baby because we were both up. We would “draft” a baby each night and wake up with our designated baby. This worked out well unless you were like me and accidentally fed the wrong twin in a bleary state of sleep deprivation. Thousands of diapers and gallons of milk later, our boys are 10 months old and thriving. We love being around them and are in constant awe by the fact that these boys with the same genes can be so incredibly different.

Caleb has always been our doe-eyed snuggle bug who is a just such a sweetheart. He loves to give big sloppy kisses and his whole face lights up when he flashes his toothy smile.

Lovey Caleb

Wyatt was born with something to prove. He was the second born, smaller twin, and he’s been making up for it ever since. He’s curious and fearless and you just can’t take your eyes off the kid. He’s allergic to snuggling and already thinks his parents are so lame.

Crazy Wy-Guy

They are so different but it’s amazing to watch them play together. Caleb desperately wants to hug his brother and Wyatt is convinced Caleb’s glasses are meant to be yanked down, all the time. They still pretty much do their own thing, but it’s great to know they’re each others first friend who’ll always be there, no matter what. I feel so lucky to have twins. It’s definitely twice the work, but it is so rewarding. They are just great kids that are growing up way to fast!


Little dudes


I'm a working mom of three fantastic boys: Caleb, Wyatt and Parker. My husband, Shane, and I live in the Washington DC suburbs where we enjoy playgrounds, pools and never getting to sleep in. This blog is a journal of our day-to-day lives as well as a chronicle of Caleb's progress after a recent spinal surgery to alleviate the effects of his cerebral palsy.

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3 comments on “2 Became 4
  1. Elise says:

    I will never forget the call telling me you had twins- I was at work late and scared something was wrong and totally dumbfounded and thrilled when you said you were having twins! Or the early morning text telling me your water broke… Or the first time we met the boys- the same day we found out I was pregnant! We love your boys like they are family and cannot wait for all of the future memories we will make together.

  2. Kat says:

    WOW I cannot imagine finding out about twins at 13 weeks! I’ve always secretly wanted twins but when i REALLY think about it, it scares me.

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